A Nurse-Owned, New York Healthcare Staffing Leader

For over seven years, ANR Staffing Solutions has been linking qualified caregivers with individuals and healthcare organizations seeking to hire caregivers throughout New York City.

We are based in Queens Village, NY and were built by New York nurses, entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals. This sets us apart from many staffing firms, as our staffing experts have over 25 years of first-hand experience working alongside caregivers like you at nearly every healthcare organization in New York City. In this time, we’ve built a vast network of relationships with New York’s top caregivers and hiring managers, which we put to work for you to quickly find the right fit for your staffing challenge.

Looking to hire a caregiver?

We associate hiring decision makers/managers like you at hospitals, nursing homes, with our qualified caregivers who consistently exceed expectations. We also help individuals find a dedicated caregiver that meets their unique needs.

Ready to get hired as a caregiver?

We help Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Therapists, companion providers, and Licensed Practical Nurses land their dream jobs throughout New York City.

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