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We help Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Therapists, Companion providers, and Licensed Practical Nurses, land their dream jobs throughout New York City.

The ANR Advantage

At ANR, we believe you’re entitled to a career opportunity that aligns with your professional goals, in the location of your choice. That’s why we’ve spent the last 7+ years, building relationships with decision makers at the top hospitals, and nursing homes throughout New York City. As soon as you apply with us, our far-reaching network goes to work for you to find your ideal position in any part of the city you choose. When you apply with us, you can expect:

Highly Competitive Compensation
Our relationships with the finest care facilities let ANR Staffing Solutions provide the compensation you deserve for your skill and commitment.

Every Position, Everywhere
With our extensive network of clients, we can place you in the environment that best suits your individual qualifications, experience, goals, and personality.

Flexible Scheduling
To support your professional growth, ANR Staffing Solutions can accommodate all types of scheduling preferences, including full time, part time, contract, and per diem..

24/7 Support
With ANR Staffing Solutions, you can count on the support you need, 24/7, to help with important transitions, such as clinical orientations.

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